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Luzerne County Community College

• Luzerne County Community College, also referred to as LCCC, is one of the top community colleges in Pennsylvania.

• Its main campus is spread over 167 acres in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania.

• The campus consists of 15 buildings including classrooms, administration building, library etc.

• The college offers about 100 programs that enable students to meet their education goals and, hopefully, their career goals as well.

• There are both credit and non credit programs.

• A few of the various programs of study provided at LCCC are:
-- Automotive
-- Commercial Art
-- Dental Health
-- Business
-- Computer Information Systems
-- Health Emergency Medical Services
-- English
-- Hotel & Restaurant Management
-- Mathematics
-- Mass Media & Communications Technology and the like.

• The college offers associate degrees, diplomas and certificates.

• Students can also benefit from various scholarships after meeting the necessary requirements.

• Additionally, LCCC provides a range of online courses in the following areas:
1. Business Management
2. Accounting
3. Criminal Justice
4. General Studies

• These distance education programs enable the learners to achieve their professional goals even if they are not able to attend the classes personally.

• The college's Continuing Education Department makes it possible for students to meet personal improvement needs and community's workforce demand.

• Such program offerings comprise:
-- Skill Development Programs
-- Industry Training
-- Workshops
-- Career Oriented Programs
-- Seminars and Conferences etc.

• Besides these, full time students at LCCC can participate in athletic teams as per the eligibility criteria of the NJCAA.

• There are overall nine different intercollegiate athletics squads.

• Students can involve themselves in various sports like:
-- Volleyball
-- Basketball
-- Baseball
-- Softball
-- Cross Country

• In addition to these, 48 student organizations and clubs are there depending on the varied interests.

• Some of the student organizations are:
-- Architecture and Design Club
-- Adult Learners Association
-- Drama Club
-- Health Awareness Club
-- Literary Club and much more.

• Furthermore, LCCC maintains safety of the campus students through their Safety & Security Department.

• The Counseling & Advising Center helps the students to solve their various needs and personal issues.

• The Center supports the students in the following ways:
-- Career Counseling
-- Academic Advising
-- Evaluation and Placement
-- Transfer Counseling
-- Personal Counseling

• Apart from that, LCCC facilitates student services through its Learning Center, ACT 101 Program, Project Rise, Special needs services and others.

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