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Lesley University

• Lesley University is a private college in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

• It was established in 1909 as an institution for women interested in becoming educators.

• The school started awarding bachelor's degrees in 1944.

• The first year of the photography program is what they call the foundation year. This year immerses students in photographic creativity and expression, introducing conceptual, critical, conceptual, technical and historical studies.

• After the freshman and sophomore years, students get involved with building their portfolio and are offered a list of eclectic classes that further develop their photography skills. Learning opportunities may include professional studio art, 19th century alternative processes, fine art digital printing, using the web as an art form, fashion illustration, and editorial illustration.

• There are four main schools at Lesley:
1. College of Art & Design
2. Graduate School of Education
3. College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
4. Graduate School Of Arts & Social Sciences

• There are approximately 45, 000 alumni who graduated from this institution.

• The College of Art & Design is set at the Boston campus.

• Students who need to reach the various campuses can use one of the many shuttle buses that run between them during the academic year.

• For students who want to live on campus, there are dormitories and a residential life available to undergraduates.

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