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Detroit or Beyond

We have a new page regarding attending college in Michigan.

This new post is focused on colleges and career instruction in Detroit and beyond to other MI cities.

One pretty cool part of this page is the feature that allows visitors to input their email and then receive information from a few of the local colleges that offer the type of degree they are looking for.

Each school shown features career alternatives to think about.

If you think that a MI school is in your future, you could get to that MI page right now.

Do you have any previous experience at one of these schools in the past? Our website is interested in reading about it.

More States

Louisiana and Maine students could be interested in our new pages.

These new pages center on formal photography education alternatives in those two states.

There are options here for individuals serious about taking a few photographer classes.

The sort of degrees provided, class times, total cost along with other variables will differ tremendously from one college to the next, so look thoroughly.

You can visit these new pages now. Go here for LA or go here for ME.

Just in case your favorite area university is not on the list yet, go ahead and tell us about it.

Pages on Thursday

We’ve been constructing pages for every state, and today we have a couple of new ones.

What are these new pages about? They are about college alternatives in Hawaii and Idaho.

Lists of academic institutions with photography classes are included at these pages.

These schools will vary a good deal in the types of degrees or classes, course schedules and total price.

If you wish to visit those pages, you can visit there right now — here for Idaho or here for Hawaii.

Newest Page

We just published another page to our website.

The goal of this page is to discuss Georgia photography programs.

There is a listing of educational institutions at this post that offer coursework in photography.

If you have questions, an experienced admission official will help you decide if their school may be ideal for your future career needs.

Go on and check this page out.

Sunshine State

Residents of Florida have a lot of alternatives in terms of which college to attend.

The aim of this page is educational options within the state.

A list of academic institutions with degree options in photography can be found at this page.

You will find institutions that supply online classes as well as classroom teaching.

You could take a look at that new page right now. Click here to check out Florida schools.

You can talk about your school experiences with us if you want to send us a brief review of your time at that school.

Late Updates

We’ve got a few new pages that I wanted to mention in this post.

There are new pages for colleges in Connecticut, Colorado and California.

Here are the links for them:


If you live in one of those states — check it out.

Arizona Page

The page we released today is all about Arizona education.

More specifically, it involves formal photography education in Phoenix and other areas of Arizona.

It isn’t easy to find a photography degree program, but you should be able to put something together in order to attain a related degree.

This page is located right here.




Second State

We have put up our second page dedicated to a single state.

The state today is for Alaska.

You can check out the options that are available for residents of Alaska to study either at a campus school or an online program.

You can check out this new page here.





Alabama Students

The newest page on our site is for students in Alabama.

We have written a new page that is designed to help out students who want to learn photography in the state of Alabama.

We will be listing some popular schools and even some online options.

You can check out this new page here.


New Site Design

We have completely redesigned the website.

We have transitioned the site from a static site to a WordPress-driven one.

If you notice anything unusual, please let us know.

We hope the new format will work better than the old one.